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Golf Course Drainage

With collection discharge into your designated outfall for the entire course or just one fairway. Our vertical column drainage can be installed on fairways, rough areas, and/or tees. Greenshield Systems sports turf drainage may be installed for an existing golf course or as part of new construction; as a stand alone project or as part of a renovation project.

Sports Field Drainage

Sports Field Drainage for a variety of natural grass sports fields. We work with administrators throughout the public process to achieve your drainage objectives. We offer design built projects to fit your specific site needs and conditions

Greenshield Systems Sports Field Drainage Reduces Saturated Soil Conditions

  • Increased scheduled usage: Reduced soil saturation allows for an extended playing season
  • Improved player safety:Surface water accumulation and equipment traffic damage create an unsafe playing condition. With reduced soil saturation it is easier to maintain healthy turf and provide consistently better playing conditions.
  • Improved turf performance:Reduced soil saturation creates a better environment for maintaining healthier turf. Healthier turf with deep rooting improves turf performance.
  • Reduced maintenance costs: Reduced soil saturation minimizes wear from players and equipment. Reduced wear and healthier turf requires less maintenance.

Greenshield Systems® - Drainage Concept

It is routine for many sports turf managers to deal with saturated soil conditions throughout the wet season. Greenshield Systems® designs and installs sports turf drainage for golf and athletic field turf professionals to reduce soil saturation. Greenshield Systems® has developed a comprehensive approach to drainage functionality and efficient installation techniques.
Greenshield Systems® drainage and service concept is two-fold:

  1. Create sports turf drainage that works
  2. Provide specialized equipment that is ultra effective and efficient
Greenshield Systems® patent pending trenching system elevates trench spoils into a material handler, while maintaining efficiency, cleanliness, and precision. The pipe installation is performed with a Greenshield Systems® developed hopper, which lays the pipe as sand envelopes the pipe in a moving operation. The trench excavation and pipe installation are two separate passes. Inspection of open trenches between the two passes allows checking for debris, irrigation breaks, and/or various infrastructures for a more precise drainage system. Our developed technology gives us the ability to maintain the accuracy needed for good drainage performance and the efficiency to install up to ten thousand lineal feet of pipe per day The Greenshield Systems® drainage concept and installation was developed primarily for existing natural grass, native soil and/or amended soil sports fields. Greenshield Systems® drainage concept can also be utilized for new construction and complete field renovation. Even though a sports turf manager may have drainage on a sports field it does not mean the drainage will eliminate saturated soil conditions. Drainage that targets soil saturation will increase scheduled usage, increase maintainability, and reduce maintenance costs. Surface drainage is essential and utilizes slopes, swales and catch basins to remove surface water from the field. Although good surface drainage can eliminate standing water it cannot reduce saturated soil conditions. Saturated soils may be witnessed during the wet season when standing next to a storm inlet within a turf area. Sub surface drainage can be implemented as a solution to solve ground water problems and lower the water table. A perched water table is created with sub surface drainage because soils are layered. As water enters the soil profile each layer must reach capacity before water moves down to the next layer. One analogy that helps visualize how water moves through a soil profile is to observe a kitchen sponge. Hold a kitchen sponge (soil) in your hand and apply water (precipitation). The sponge will not drip water (drain) until reaching capacity. Layering soils produces the same results. In other words, soil saturation is a requirement for sub surface drainage to function. A perched water table is desirable when creating a complicated USGA golf green or possibly a sand lens sports field, but not so desirable with native soil or amended soil fields. The Greenshield Systems® drainage concept is what we call vertical column drainage. Drainage trenches are excavated and then a corrugated perforated pipe is installed with a continuous vertical column of permeable drainage material to the surface. One drainage material from top to bottom without layering is the key because collecting surface water before soil saturation occurs is our objective and, with this system, soil saturation is not a requirement for drainage to occur. The best backfill material to reduce saturated soil conditions is sand. A logical thought pattern would automatically lead us to believe that increased permeability and a coarse drainage material like pea gravel will increase drainage rates and performance. Ironically, the most suitable permeable drainage material for vertical column turf drainage is sand. Quality sports field topdressing sand or mason sand performs multiple functions in the turf drainage process. Sand is a permeable material that also supports a great environment for turf growth. Sand within the trench profile also bridges the adjacent soil and stops silts and sediments from contaminating the drainage system. You can expect long lasting results since the silts and fine particles from the soil do not migrate into the sand backfill. In addition, sand will continue draining the adjacent soil after surface water is no longer present. The finer texture of sand allows for better soil contact and increases drainage through capillary movement. Turf drainage rates are limited by the rate in which water infiltrates through the surface. A larger aggregate material like pea gravel bedded around a drainpipe will not increase surface infiltration and the larger open spaces between the aggregate can allow fine particle migration. Using a pipe in drainage is always more efficient. A drain pine installed within the profile is really an open void in the ground that allows water to move laterally from the force of gravity. Lateral water movement is much slower within backfilled trenches that have no pipes, even with coarse gravel. Field drainage is much more efficient when water can move in a pipe unobstructed. The distance water travels over the surface or through the soil profile before intercepting a trench is directly related to drainage performance. Closer drain line spacing gives more dramatic drainage results. Better drainage performance is achieved with smaller pipes on closer spacing rather than large pipes on wide spacing. Smaller pipes and narrow trenches increase installation efficiency by reducing excavation and backfill quantities. Closer trench spacing is cost effective when installation efficiency is increased. Narrow trenches maintain a moisture balance with the adjacent soil and turf will not brown out under normal circumstances. The drainage design and layout is equally as important as the type of drainage. Water should leave the site at the same rate in which it infiltrates through the trench profile. The Greenshield Systems® drainage concept incorporates a layout based upon particular site characteristics and slope. Please contact us if you have questions or if you would like to learn more.

Golf Course Projects

  • Avalon Golf Links
  • Astoria Golf & Country Club
  • Auburn Golf Course
  • Broadmoor Golf Club
  • Creekside Golf Club
  • Elk Run Golf Club
  • Eugene Country Club
  • Fir Crest Golf & Country Club
  • Gallery Golf Club
  • Glen Acres Golf & Country Club
  • Gleneagle Golf Club
  • Illahe Hills Golf Course
  • Inglewood Golf & Country Club
  • Lake Oswego Public Golf Course
  • Marin Country Club
  • Overlake Golf & Country Club
  • Portland Golf Club
  • Sahalee Country Club
  • Salishan Lodge & Golf Resort
  • Seattle Golf Club
  • Snoqualmie Ridge TPC
  • Stone Creek Golf Club
  • Sudden Valley Golf Club
  • Useless Bay Golf & Country Club
  • Waverley Country Club
  • White Horse Golf Club

Athletic Field Projects

  • Auburn School District #408
  • -Riverside High School
  • Bainbridge Little League
  • Battle Ground School District #119
  • -Battle Ground High School:
    Junior Varsity & Varsity Hardball Fields
    Practice Football Field and Soccer Field
  • Bellevue Community College
  • Bellevue School District #405
  • -Highline Middle School
  • Bethel School District #403
  • -North Star Elementary
    -Frontier Middle School
  • Cascade School District #5
  • -Stadium Football Field
  • Central Kitsap School District #401
  • -Klahowya Secondary School
  • Charles Wright Academy
  • City of Auburn, Parks
  • -Brannan Park
    -Game Farm Park
    -GSA Park
    -Lea Hill Park
  • City of Bellevue, Parks
  • -Bannerwood Park -East Gate Park -Hidden Valley Park -Highland Park Ballfield -Ivanhoe Sports Field -Lake Hills Park -Lewis Creek Park -Robinswood Park
  • City of Bremerton, Parks
  • -Pendergast Regional Park
  • City of Burien, Parks
  • William E. Moshier Memorial Park
  • City of Enumclaw, Parks
  • Boise Creek Park
  • City of Issaquah, Parks
  • Central Park
  • Community Center
  • Squak Valley Park
  • Tibbetts Valley Park: Field 3 and 4
  • City of Mercer Island, Parks
  • Island Crest Park
  • South Mercer Playfields
  • City of Monroe, Parks
  • Skyriver Park
  • City of Montesano, Parks
  • Simpson Avenue Elementary School
  • City of Mount Vernon, Parks
  • Bakerwood Park
  • Lion's Park
  • City of Oak Harbor, Parks
  • Fort Nugent Park
  • City of Portland, Parks
  • The Fields Neighborhood Park
  • Irving Park
  • City of Renton, Parks
  • Cedar River Park
  • City of Sequim, Parks
  • Carrie Blake Park
  • City of Snoqualmie, Parks
  • Azalea Field
  • Carmichael Field
  • Crestview Field
  • Fisher Creek Field
  • Conway Soccer Association
  • Crista Ministries
  • Kings Elementary School
  • Edmonds School District #15
  • Brier Elementary School
  • College Place Elementary School
  • Edmonds - Woodway High School
  • Hilltop Elementary School
  • Meadowdale High School
  • Woodway High School
  • Eugene School District 4J
  • South Eugene High School
  • Evergreen School District #114
  • Heritage High School
  • Everett School District #17
  • Everett Memorial Field
  • Federal Way Public Schools #210
  • Kilo Middle School
  • Totem Middle School
  • Ferndale School District #502
  • Ferndale High School
  • Highline Public Schools #401
  • McMicken Heights Elementary School
  • Hockinson School District #98
  • Hockinson High School, Baseball & Soccer Fields
  • Kent School District #415
  • Kentridge High School
  • Kentwood High School
  • Mattson Middle School
  • Key Peninsula Parks
  • Volunteer Park
  • Lake Stevens School District #4
  • Lake Stevens High School
  • Lakewood School District #306
  • Lakewood High School
  • Lakewood Elementary School
  • Cougar Creek Elementary School
  • North Clackamas School District #12
  • Clackamas High School
  • Milwaukie High School
  • Rex Putnam High School
  • School District Office
  • Metropolitan Park District of Tacoma
  • Portland Avenue Rugby Field
  • Monroe School District #103
  • Chain Lake Elementary School
  • Montesano School District #66
  • Montesano Jr - Sr High School
  • Peninsula School District #401
  • Gig Harbor High School
  • Peninsula High School
  • Pierce County Public Works & Utilities
  • Portland Development Commission
  • Dawson Park
  • Portland Public Schools #501
  • Madison High School
  • Puyallup School District #3
  • Ferrucci Junior High School
  • Ridgefield School District #122
  • Ridgefield High School
  • Skagit County Parks
  • Skagit Valley Playfields: Poppe Field, Custer Field
  • Snohomish School District #201
  • Cathcart Elementary School
  • Little Cedars Elementary School
  • Machias Elementary School
  • Totem Falls Elementary School
  • South Whidbey Parks & Recreation
  • Sports Complex
  • Steilacoom Historical School District #1
  • Pioneer Middle School
  • Steilacoom High School
  • Steve Cox Park (White Center Field)
  • Sumner School District #320
  • Bonney Lake High School
  • Tacoma School District #10
  • Franklin Elementary School
  • Whittier Elementary School
  • Tualatin Hills Parks & Recreation District
  • Barsotti Park
  • Tukwila School District #406
  • Showalter Middle School
  • University Place School District #83
  • Curtis High School
  • Washugal School District #112-6
  • Gause Elementary School
  • Yelm Community Schools #2
  • Yelm High School

Greenshield Systems® Golf Course Testimonials

Thank you again for another job well done. During September 2008 Greenshield Systems installed 11,000 lineal feet of drainage on our 9th hole and 10th tee area. The 9th hole was the wettest area on the golf course, second only to the center of the 1st hole (which received 3500 feet of Greenshield drainage late last year and is now one of the driest). We had scheduled the work 9 months in advance and Jeff and his crew were on site exactly when scheduled. Amazingly enough, 11,000 feet of drainage only took a little over one week to complete. I can say without question that the members at Oswego Lake Country Club were extremely pleased and impressed with the quality of the work, and the results. The drain lines are perfectly straight and precisely laid out.

- Bob Senseman, Golf Course Superintendent Oswego Lake Country Club

The winter drainage benefits give us an opportunity to prepare the course earlier in the spring for summer play and later into the fall for longer winter and improved playing conditions. It's the biggest conditioning improvement we have made at PGC in the last 16 years.

- Forrest Goodling, Golf Course Superintendent Portland Golf Club

In May of this year, Avalon contracted Greenshield Systems to once again come in and worked their magic. Even though it poured down rain for much of the four days they were here, they managed to successfully rework the drainage on this perennially sloppy hole. They have a remarkable system, and we are fortunate that this nationally recognized company is based out of Mt. Vernon and has shown great flexibility in working with us.

- Brian Kruhlak, Head Golf Professional Avalon Golf Links

Before you arrived, we had seven fairways that became extremely saturated during the winter months, leading to questionable playing conditions and impossible maintenance conditions. With the installation of the Greenshield Drainage System, we can not only mow these seven fairways, but I can drive my Ford Ranger across them, which I find more impressive considering the typical winter season I experience on the Oregon Coast. I feel that with your product installed, our questionable playing conditions have been solved, as the fairway surface remains firm and standing water is whisked away even during periods of heavy rains. Not only am I pleased with the end product, the speed and efficiency of Greenshield Systems is impressive. Your company completed these seven holes in 5 weeks in an incredibly clean and professional manner. I can confidently say that you have a product that can solve any golf course drainage issue. I am not aware of any golf courses that face the same challenges that Salishan faces each winter, and I don't know of a clay based golf course that can boast fairways as firm as the seven that we have with the Greenshield System installed.

- Ryan J. Bancroft, Superintendent Salishan Lodge and Golf Resort

I wanted to let you know that you and your staff at Greenshield Systems do an awesome job. You just completed almost 5 acres of fairway drainage in record time. There was very little disruption to member play and I think they actually enjoyed watching you guys work like a machine. Your staff is professional and extremely efficient.

- Chris Gaughan, CGCS, Eugene Country Club

Greenshield Systems® Athletic Field Testimonials

A thank you picture from a student at Makaela High.

- Makaela Hight, Student, Snohomish School District

The Greenshield "system" itself has proven to be effective in mitigating all the water issues that had negatively impacted the playability of the mentioned athletic fields. The technology and equipment that was used for implementing these projects significantly minimized site impact and field closure time.

- Rick Bailey, Contract Administrator, Capital Projects City of Bellevue Parks & Community Services

Your drainage installation technique was quick and clean. The field is actually playable as soon as you moved off site. After you finished the turf drainage, we asked you to replace our failed infield. Your design, layout and installation were of the highest quality. The quality of your work is top notch and this alone sets you apart, but what impressed me the most was your professionalism and your willingness to go the extra mile on behalf of the School District... After your contractual obligations were fulfilled you have been willing to attend numerous meetings to repeatedly explain what you did, when you did it and how you did it... You willingly supported the School District far beyond what other contractors would deem reasonable.

- David Klemetsrud, Battle Ground Public Schools

I would like to give your system and workmanship the highest praise for restoring two soccer fields to first time playable fields in all weather conditions in the high school's 4 years of existence. The soccer teams have been forced to bus kids to neighboring schools to practice and play games until this last fall season, when you completed the installation of your highly regarded drain system. The entire District has been amazed in the total turn around of these fields.

- Greg Evans, Evergreen School District, Vancouver

We became aware of Greenshield's unique drainage system and elected to specify it for our project. To date, we could not be more pleased with the results. The cost of the work was very reasonable and the results were immediate, with very little damage to the fields. Greenshield uses "low impact" equipment and the drainage system itself does not require regarding the site. Greenshield Systems was very professional. They kept us informed of any problems encountered on the site, exceeding our expectations in every way.

- Fred Owyen, Lakewood School District

Since the installation of the new drain system it is like we have a completely new field. Where after substantial rain it would be days until the standing water cleared, it is now a matter of hours till the field appears dry. In the past we have had to hand mow this field weeks after we could get a tractor on the rest of our fields. Now we can tractor mow this field year round which our operations crew appreciates tremendously.

- Patrick Dylan, Skagit County Parks & Recreation

I was very impressed with Greenshield's professionalism and the way they approached our project. It was almost unbelievable how quickly they were able to dig the trenches, lay the drain lines and backfill... We were impressed at how clean the process was. They came, installed the system, and then left with the work site being cleaner than when they arrived.

- Mike Burner, City of Montesano Parks & Recreation

Greenshield was able to mobilize equipment and material quickly. Once the work began they kept to the agreed schedule and left the work site at the end of each day in a safe condition. At the completion of each project both fields were in playable condition. It has been more than a year since the work was completed on our first field. The results have been noticeable by all users of the park, with playability increasing during the wet fall and spring months. Parks Maintenance staff has noticed a reduction in standing water on the field and its increased ability to stand up to heavy use by soccer, lacrosse and softball teams. I would recommend Greenshield Systems to anyone who needed drainage solutions for active athletic fields and needed them to be open for play in a short period of time.

- Greg Brown, Mercer Island Parks and Recreation

I appreciate the good work you and your crew provided the City of Bellevue at the Lake Hills Community Ball Field Drainage System. In particular, I was very impressed with its timely completion and the professional manner in which it was accomplished under your direction. I am also extremely pleased with the great can-do attitude and problem solving skills yourself and the rest of your crew possesses... It is that kind of response that sets a quality company apart from the rest.

- Scott Vander Hyden, City of Bellevue Parks

  1. How much would it cost to install a drainage system?
    Costs are determined by the site location, size of area, specific conditions, and surface finishing requirements. Generally costs are similar to conventional drainage methods, but Greenshield Systems® installs twice the lineal footage and the system works.

  2. Who designs Greenshield Systems® drainage?
    Greenshield Systems® typically designs a system based on your specific site conditions or we work with the design firm of your choice. Greenshield Systems® has a high standard for the design criteria, installation method, drainage pipe, and sand.

  3. Is two inch pipe large enough for the drainage pipe?
    The Greenshield Systems® drainage design is calculated to ensure that the pipe sizes are more than adequate.

  4. Why is sand used in the drainage system?
    When using a larger drain medium such as pea gravel, sediments can infiltrate into the larger void spaces reducing efficiency and life expectancy. The use of sand protects the drain pipe and trench from sediment infiltration. Sand allows for healthy turf growth and filters water for clean discharge.

  5. How is the drainage system cleaned out?
    The system never has to be cleaned. The sand and drain pipe work together, the sand particles creates a bridge against the perforations in the tile, therefore the sand never enters the tile. The sediments never enter the sand column.

  6. How deep are the drains installed?
    The drainage system varies in depth from a minimum eight-inch cover, to a maximum cover of twenty inches. All pipes are installed at .5% grade so depth will vary within this range.

  7. How is existing irrigation dealt with?
    Greenshield Systems® works with the owner to determine the location and depth of an existing irrigation system. If an irrigation component is broken, Greenshield Systems® does the necessary repairs. The drainage system is installed at a specific grade. There are times that irrigation lines have to be rerouted.

  8. How long does it take to install a Greenshield Systems® drainage system?
    Installation time depends on the size of the project, for example: a soccer or football field could be completed in four to five days. Drainage for an average golf course fair way may be installed in one to two days.

  9. Can Greenshield Systems® install drainage in a new construction site?
    The Greenshield Systems® drainage was developed for low impact, clean installation on existing turf. In new construction, irrigation and other site utilities can be installed in conjunction with Greenshield Systems® drainage and is therefore more cost effective

  10. How is turf established over the trenches?
    The site owner or Greenshield Systems® can establish turf over sand trenches by application of seed; by hydro-seeding; or by installation of sand based sod. In all cases the site is safe and in most cases playable immediately.
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